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About Niprisa

What is Sobremesa?

A phrase with no direct English translation, Sobremesa describes the time after a meal when no one feels rushed to leave but instead is content to savor each other’s company around the table.

This idea is the inspiration behind Niprisa. While most of the world seems to want to only move faster and consume more resources, we prefer to slow down and enjoy the moment. Our purpose is to build the furniture that makes the good times great.

Fast Furniture is destroying our planet

We're committed to manufacturing furniture in an environmentally sustainable way.

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Amazing Design!

I can't believe how much better my kitchen looks with a Niprisa table. It's so beautiful and it makes every meal feel so much more special.

Lauren R.

Incredible Quality

The craftmanship is top-notch. It looks and feels like something you'd find from in a Restoration Hardware but at a fraction of the price.

Kyle S.

Great Customer Service

I had a million questions about the table and NIprisa couldn't have been easier to deal with. Super fast responses, friendly and accomodating, and totally delivered what they promised!

Sarah M.